A rainy morning breakfast in bed

Words & Photography by Rincy KoshyStyled by Jette Virdi

Morning times can often be a flutter of activity, breakfast at a table-hectic at the best of times.  I’ve never been one to slow down the process and on most days, I’m lucky to leave the apartment with toast in hand. But on those rainy days, those lazy weekend mornings, there really is nothing better than a slow start.

As a child, breakfast in bed was a treat. A very seldom occurrence that we regarded with the highest amount of respect and glee and funnily enough, it remains the same to this very day.

So when Jette first spoke of a boiled egg with fried sage and soldiers, a meal her mother used to make when she was at the age of wanting to be grown up (but not) , I was excited to try and share in her fond food memories. After having done so, I want to make this a ritual.

Fried sage in butter makes this simple meal seem sophisticated, indulgent even. And I’m beginning to think that this sort of thing should be a requirement of the day. Simple pleasures for that little child in all of us. Especially on those slow, rainy mornings.

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Rincy Koshy

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