Hourik Kazarian

Hourik was born to Armenian parents in Damascus, Syria. When Hourik was six, her parents moved to Beirut, Lebanon and later, when she was almost thirteen, to Pasadena, California.

She married young to the love of her life, Dennis, and together they had two children. Matthew, who is now almost 26and Sabrina who just turned 24. Throughout their years together, they have lived on the West Coast of the United States and the East Coast. They are now settled in Costa Mesa, California.

Hourik did not pursue a career so she can devote her time and energy solely to raising a family. She’s always enjoyed entertaining friends and family by preparing lavish meals.

She has always had a dream of opening up her own café. When her daughter graduated from college earlier this year, they went into business together and launched Brown Bear Eats. Her children have always called her mama bear thus the name of the business. You can learn more about Hourik through her recipe blog at hourik.tumblr.com and through her website www.brownbeareats.com.

You can also follow her on Instagram where she posts often, @justabear and @brown_bear_eats.

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