Seb Mysko


Food Porn blogger and kitchen garden newbie, for me, it’s all about getting people around the table, but how you get to that point is just as important. The thrill of the forage. The markets, the woods, the shops, the oceans… it’s all out there just waiting to be discovered…

When it comes to inspiration, I never know where to start. There’s too many important people in my life to list them all here without this turning into some epically long biog. To summarise; my blood is two parts english, one part Italian, one part Ukrainian. I have heavy ties to the Nordics and more recently, Persia. All of my family love to cook and have at one stage or another shared time with me in a kitchen.

Through my parents work, I’ve been fortunate enough to travel all my life and have snap shot memories of food from each and every culture I’ve absorbed from about the age of four.

So, these days, I’m a Yorkshireman, living over the border in the Ribble Valley, often working a Pacific Coast timezone for a music marketing company I set up with my oldest pal. Whilst I leave the raving to my team on both sides of the Atlantic, I spend my time clambering up big hills and always enjoy the real ale reward at the finish line.

I love to take pictures of food, but I’m in no way a professional.

In a time when there is so much daily white-noise, cooking relaxes me. As does my ongoing challenge to educate my Lancastrian fiancé in a culinary world that doesn’t just involve “whacking it in a butty”.

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